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The Story

I recall singing in the balcony with the church choir.  School plays, talent shows and rock ‘n’ roll bands soon followed.  I acted with Junior Light Opera in Ann Arbor, sang and played guitar at fraternity parties and teen clubs, and attended theater classes at the U of M.  Then. . . Savage Grace and the beginning of a very "interesting" journey.


'Short' list

I have sung with: The Hideaways, Dunning Maze, Savage Grace, Guardian Angel, Lightnin', Custom Eyes, The Suspects, The Conqueroots, Burning Circle, The Miller Bros., Opera Lite, The 2 5 1 Orchestra, Northridge Choir, Measured Chaos, The Cross & The Light, Dick Wagner and Main Street Productions


Currently. . .

I am singing that Gospel Music with OneAchord, singing and playing guitar with Abbott, Jacquez & Zodiac, and doing my solo thang whenever I can.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  The calendar on this site begins with the dates that are furthest in the future, so please scroll to find current dates.  I keep it up to date.


Mary Did You Know? - this is OneAchord (Vocal & guitar recorded live)

Mary Did You Know (mp3)


"Train is Comin' Closer" - from "The Blues According to The Gospel" - a bit of that Memphis feel

Train is Comin' Closer (mp3)


"Comin' Home from One Night in America -  available on iTunes

Comin' Home (mp3)


Ron Koss wrote this one - I have been singing it at all my solo gigs

Mystery Train (mp3)


I sing this one w/ Abbott, Jacquez & Zodiac

Don't Blame Me (mp3)


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