Sunday, August 11: Pontiac, MI w/ One AChord

Sunday, September 8: Leading workship at Howell, MI campus of Northridge Church

Friday, September 13: Trinity House in Livonia, MI 8PM (singing Seger songs to benefit Springfed Arts)

Sunday, September 15: Brighton/Howell campus of NRC

Sunday, September 15: Bethany COG in Sterling Hgts., MI w/ One Achord 1PM

Friday, July 18: Tammy's Wedding (private) - aLJacquez & the Brothers J

Sunday, September 21: Bethany COG in Sterling Hgts., w/ OneAchord 2PM

. . .and BTW. . . most every Sunday (but for an occasional day "off") you will find me at the Brighton/Howell campus of Northridge Church, coaching the Worship Team - do plan a visit !
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